Kate Middleton Jubilee Fashion

Hey peeps, last week was the Royal Jubilee event in England. Congratz to Queen Elizabeth for 100 years being the Queen of England. You guys saksikan x the event on tv? Well, for this post i just nak share with you all about Lady Kate Middleton's fashion during the event. 

As usual the Duchess Of Cambridge is always beautiful and stunning in whatever she wears. God bless you Lady Kate. Lady Kate is also an ardent supporter of British fashion designers like Alexander McQueen. During one of the London Jubilee event, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing a stunning Alexander McQueen creation-  a custom made knee-length, nude lace dress that stole the show at St Paul’s Cathedral. Wow! She does look stunning and conservative at the same time! Very chic and classy i say!  It seems that her highness' sartorial evolution is occurring at an even faster pace than that of other U.K. phenomenon, Princess Di.

Lady Kate also paired her classy outfit with a lovely beaded veiled hat by Jane Taylor, a Prada clutch, and LK Bennet flesh colored heels. Just simple beautiful! I just love the way Lady Kate dress. I think she is one of the best fashion icon in history. Ok'lah, lets share some Lady Kate's London Jubilee photos. We can admire her fashion sense. Hehehe...................

Oh la la! This is the lovely Alexander McQueen dress i'm talking about. Memang cantik sesgt! I wonder if my friend, Kak Eda bole jahitkan dress camnie for me. Hehehe.............

Stunnig in red. With hubby, Prince William. ^_^

With mother in law. The Queen of England. Dua2 stunning!

Pretty in pink! Really love the hat Lady Kate!


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