My Fathers Day Celebration

Hello everyone, i just wanna share with you all sumer about my Fathers Day Celebration with my Abuji last Sunday. Well, sambutan nyer simple sahaje tetapi sronok and happy.

Awal pagi after breakfast, kiteorg pegi ker pasar tu buy ingredients for our special dinner malam tu. On Fathers Day hari tu dah promise dgn Abuji that i will cook the yong caw fried rice. Yezza!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lpas tu kiteorg trus pegi Milky Cake House to buy the special cake. Wo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ramai giler org kat Milky last weekend. Mostly are chinese and they all are also buying cakes for their fathers. Lucky i sempat grab a cake for my Abuji.

Malam tu after maghrib, i trus prepare the friend rice and we had our dinner. Well, thats all  our Fathers Day celebration. Macam mane pun saye happy krn dpt bust Abuji happy. Walopun simple it was still fun. Ok'lah, thats all. See ya. XoXo!

Cake for Abuji! ^_^

Abuji with he's cake. ^_^

The yong caw fried rice that i cook.

Fathers Day Dinner Special. Yay!


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