Arwen Limited Edt.(Check It Out and Grab it-QUICK!)

Arwen Limited Edt Collection. RM15.00 for one. RM25.00 for two.

EiYo my fashionista peeps, yg i post tadi tu sumer nyer NFD official accessories collection. This one (pic above)  pulak NFD limited Edt collection. This collection is called Arwen Limited Edt. Its a beautiful hair clip that looks like a star. This hair clips are have glamourous, vogue, and sophisticated look in them. Tapi this collection x byk. This collection comes in 6 different stylish colors like green, red, chili red, pink, blue, and soft blue. This hair clips have good price offer. The price for one hair clip is RM15.00. But if you buy 2 it will be RM25.00. Isn't that great? So if wanna look glam, vogue, and sophisticated.............what are you waiting for? Come and grab this beautiful babies. Attention............this one is a limited collection. Hanye skali jer offer. So..........SAPE CPAT DIA DPT! Check it out!

Arwen Limited Edt in Green

Arwen Limited Edt in Red

Arwen Limited Edt in Chili Red

Arwen Limited Edt in Pink

Arwen Limited Edt in Blue

Arwen Limited Edt in Soft Blue


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