Bende Lame Diberi Nafas Baru!

Huish! Who said that old things that are a bit broken should be thrown away and be replace with a new one. Thats not the exact way it should be la. You can use your own creativity and transform your old stuff into something new. Macam pepatah kate melayu, "Bende lame boley saje diberi nafas baru". So why not use your own creativity instead of spending more. Well, let me share with my latest project yg i baru siapkan smlm.

Baru2 nie while i was ironing my green dress........... i found a small hole on it. I got frustrated. That dress baru jer 3 years i bought from Amsterdam. Dah ade sikit koyak kat bawah nyer. Ish! I love that dress so much. Its a really beautiful dress. It gave me magic everytime i put it on. I don't want to throw it away. This dress is hard to get. X de kat Malaysia. Just kat Amsterdam jer.  I think kalo nak replace baru pun x akan jumpe yg scun nie. Huhuh! However i also x nak biarkan the tiny hole camtu jer. It can koyak lagi besar kalo x dislamatkan. 

So with the knowledge i dah dpt mase keje kat Rizalman Ibrahim Couture, i apply it for this beloved dress of mine. I decided to sew butterflies on the hole and design them so that it won't look like i nak tampal the dress. And this is the result la............. MY SAME OLD BRAND NEW MORE LOVELY GREEN DRESS! YaY! Tell you what, can try it at home too. But if you are lazy to do it, can write to me and ask for my help coz i ambik tempahan now. Just bring your dress, materials (if you have), the design( if you already have an idea). Price is negotiable.

                                  Check out the bottom view of this dress. Isn't it lovely? Heheh!

This how i arrange the butterflies. 

Taadaa!!!!!!!!!! This the final result? What do you think? Like it? Hmm.............


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