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EiYo amigas, the moment you all are waiting for has finally arrive. All the accessories yg i design dah siap and they all are ready for you to grab. Wolla! All of this accessories are design and handmade by me. All of them are unique and have their own identity. All the designs are totally different from the ones you see at  store. Yup! For this kinda design you can only get it here from Neira Fadima. Kat kedai accessories lain x de ok. The price are all affordable and reasonable. But since this is my first batch.......... density nyer x la byk sgt. So SAPE CPAT DIA DPT! However, have no worries coz i also MADE TO ORDER for you. So if you are interested to grad the ready made ones or nak made to order ........... you can write to me........... . First, check out all the collection.............hope you like it! Cheers!

Stilla Flora Hair Band

Stilla Flora Hair Band-Black. Price: RM21.00

Stilla Flora Hair Band-Light Blue. Price: RM21.00

This simple but yet beautiful and glamourous hair band is very versatile. You can wear for casual and formal functions. The blink2 texture give this hair band a glamourous touch. This hair band also have the ability to make the wearer are fashionista. Stilla flora hair band is also suitable for different kind of women. X kire umo, skin tone, face,  or hair type. This hair band memang buat the wearer look stylish and sophisticated.  The purple color at the end of the hair band is Neira Fadima's trademark. Purple is the official color for NFD.  Right now this hair band is available is two colors- black and light blue. The price is  RM21.00 each. Sape yg interested pls contact me ASAP!

Queen Diva Hair Band

                                          Queen Diva Hair Band-Sliver. Price= RM16.00

Is anyone thinking of a french classic look? If you are then Queen Diva Hair Band is for you! This unique lace ribbon doesn't just make you a stylish fashionista. But it also make you look like a REAL DIVA. Trust me.......... your friends will be envy of you when they see you in it. So what are you waiting for? Grab this beautiful hair band while you can. Available in Silver color. Price is only RM16.00. Affordable right?

Starlight Princess Hair Band

Starlight Princess Hair Band- Purple. Price: RM 37.00

If you wanna look like a princess why not try it with hair accessories. This purple Starlight Princess Hair Band makes every girl a fashion princess. Even Blair Walldorf pun boley kalah. This purple labuci lace with tassel give this hair band a lovely, sweet, glamourous look. What are you waiting for girls? Grab this purple tiara quick! Then you'll be crown as a princess. Price is RM37.00. This design is hard to find at any other accessories shop. Kat sinie jer leh dpt!

Stilla Flora Hair Comb
                                                  Stilla Flora Hair Comb-Pink. Price: RM14.00

WOWOW! Just like they said in Gossip Girl...........Small things are sometimes the best things ever! Yup! Thats just like this pink Stilla Flora Hair Comb. Its just simply beautiful,vogue, and glamour. This pink beauty will turn the wearer into people's attention at every party. So anyone of you wanna be a queen or a princess at any party..........this hair comb is for you to grab. Price RM14.00.

Queen Bee Hair Comb

Queen Bee Hair Comb. Price RM18.00

Yellow and purple is really cute color combination. Its also the color for queen bee. The sequin on the purple bow just add a glamourous touch to this cute hair comb. So if you are thinking to be a queen bee.........then this hair comb is for you. Price RM18.00

Glam Women Hair Bow

Glam Wome Hair Bow. Price: RM46.00

Wooah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to describe this one? TOTALLY GLAMOUROUS! Any women/ladies/girls who wear this at party, dinner, any function will be the attention of everyone. This hair bow will make any women the hottest fashionista ever. Trust me..........if you wear this anywhere sure you akan jadi tarikan everyone. This hair bow memang glam mletop and cantik giler. So ingin jadi tarikan ke mane anda pegi? Ayuh! Dpt kan this hair bow segera! Price : RM46.00

Stylish Diva Hair Bow
Stylish Diva Hair Bow. Price: RM 45.00

Wanna be a stylish diva anywhere you go? Then Stylish Diva Hair Bow is your weapon! The labuci on the bow and the sequin on the net just give this hair bow a total stylish look. What are you waiting for? Grab it while you can! Price: RM 45.00.

So this is all my first batch accessories design. If you are interested,............ let me know ASAP! If anything that you are interested dah abis stock or x de di sini ..............jgn risau! I'm your fairy god mother. So i also do made to order. You can write to me and tell me your wish! You can also do request for a different design that is only made for you. With Neira Fadima Designs we promise you the most stylish, glamour, sophisticated, vogue, hottest look ever. Thanx for viewing. ^_^


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  2. Oh, congratulations on your small business! Wishing you all the success! I love hair accessories :)

    Lynn |

  3. I love all of these Fadima, I did not know you went into business for hair accessories! How did I miss this?!


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