Hollywood's New Beauty And Fashion Icon.

Hey all, have you heard about a beautiful young actress name Ashley Greene. Well, she's the girl who played Alice Cullen in Twilight. Comel kan? Well, here's some facts about Ashley.............

Ashley Michele Greene was born on February 21, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. So she's only 23 this year ( Oh! I can't believe she's a year younger then me!).  Before Ashley starts acting she planned to became a model. But unfortunately most modeling agency people told her that she's not tall enough to be on the runway. She's only 5 foot 5. Auww!!!!!!!!!! Thats not fair! But bcoz of she is photogenic and cute, she was selected as a commercial model. Hooray babe! After being a commercial model, Ashley started to realize that she prefers acting more then modeling. She soon became a guess start in some famous tv shows like Punk'd and Crossing Jordan. On 2008 Ashley's big break came in as she lent a role as Alice Cullen in Twilight ( a horror romance movie base on the novel wrote by Stephanie Meyer). Twilight make Ashley Greene a famous actress in hollywood. Ashley also won Teen Choice Award for Fresh Face Female Actress in 2008 for Twilight. Right now, Ashley Greene is voted to be one of the most beautiful and charming young girls in hollywood alongside Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester, and Blake Lively. Plus Ashley Greene has also been linked to some good looking young boys in hollywood like Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) and Kellan Lutz ( the one who played Emmet  in Twilight). Currently she's dating Joe Jonas. Erm,..........dating Joe Jonas tu yg i kurang kenan kit. Its not bcoz sorang good looking and sorang not. Its bcoz Joe is 3 years younger then Ashley. I prefer Ashley to be with Chance or Kellan. Baru la hot macam pinang dblah 2 babe.

Share some Ahsley Greene's hot pic.......................

Wow! She's hot!

What a sexy smile!

Looking elegant.

Is this the girl who played Alice Cullen? Hmm.............HOT!

Very cute!

With Kellan Lutz ( the guy who played Emmet is Twilight)


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