Berbuke With Friends At Secret Recipe.

Hay Ho yol! How's puase going on for you guys so far. For me its been great. Wish the same for you guys also. Bulan ramadhan nie i rase lbih tenang pade bulan2 lain sblum. Syukur. Smoge doa2 i for this ramadhan tmakbul dkmudian hari. Huhuh! To me bulan puase nie la the best time to spend with family, friends, and love ones. Well, i got nothing much to share for this post. Just nak tulis journal about me and my bffs (Madihah and Iza) get together buke puase program last sunday or shall i say yesterday. It was really fun buke with my 2 bestest bff. Yesterday bukan saje dpt jumpe Madihah and Iza but i also dpt 2 new friends. YaY! Well, Iza bawak 2 friends that she know mase keje part time. Her friends are boys (Id and Ferd). But its ok for me and Maddie. It was a very cool moment. First kiteorg buke together at Secret Recipe. After we had our buke puase kiteorg gie solat maghrib dulu. Wow! Ramai giler org mase solat maghrib. Macam mane pun syukur la krn umat islam at Putrajaya still remember to solat. Not just go out for buke and have fun with friends and family. Thank God citizens here masih ingat Allah S.W.T. Thats a good things. After we finish solat and eating, we went for a walk in Alamanda Mall. We went to game city to play some games kjap and saje2 snap shot pics. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! After that kiteorg pun balik. I was a bit tired but feeling happy and enjoy. Hope after raye nie ade rzeki to go movies together eh Madihah and Iza. Huhuh! Insya'Allah.  Balik tu tengok game MU vs Fulham. Frust nyer its a 2-0 draw! Ish! MU deserve to win that game la! Ado!..............................

Iza, Me, and Madihah.........buke at Secret Recipe!

Madihah,Iza, Me and Ferd after buke.

Id, Iza, Me, and Ferd. Kami sudah kenyang. Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At Game City!

Girls dueling fustball! YaY!

What a cool moment! Thanx Maddie, Iza and also new friends-Ferd and Id. Nice to know you guys. ^_^


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