Happy Ramadhan!

Eiyo peepz, anak bulan sudah pun klihatan............itu tanda nyer tomorrow puase. YaY! My favorite month have arrive again. Ramadhan is always a blessing month for me. Suasane ramadhan sentiase tenang. Itu yg best. Bulan ramadhan nie la bulan yg mulia and byk amalan yg kite perlu lakukan. Well, i hope and bdoa that this year's ramadhan will be another blessing month for me as it was before. Hope the same for you all too. Smoge sumer yg i doakan this ramadhan tcapai la after raye nie or maybe now. Insya'Allah. Itu nasihat my Uncle Umar for me for this ramadhan. Thanx Ayah Ma! Ok'lah, tu jer yg i nak share with you all. Hope you all have a blessing ramadhan too ya. Take care. ^_^

10 Things To Do During Ramadhan

1) Spend more time with family.
2) Bmaafan with your love ones.
3) Always think of the positive things.
4) Do charity
5) Solat Terawih.
6) Bykan bace Al-Quran, Yassin.
7) Bykan bdoa of all the things we wish to come true someday ( Insya'Allah)
8) Help your parent with bbuker preparation (Masak or buat air will do. ^_^)
9) Show your  kindness
10) Tunaikan zakat bagi yg mampu.

10 Things Not To Do During Ramadhan.

1) Gossiping 
2) Bad mouthing others
3) Flirting
4) Smoking
5) Eating in public
6) Wear sexy outfits
7) X pandai kawal nafsu
8) Kurang beribadat
9) Grumpy
10) Being negative


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